Our Code

Every person that joins Timbers Church brings little pieces of DNA with them. What is special about this is the fact that not one of us has the same DNA. This means we all bring something different to the church. Our personalities and life experiences allow us to see things differently.


So how do we create a safe strong community with people who might see things different than us? How do we as a community, make sure that even with our differences we stay together on mission?


We create a code. What is that you might ask? Well, a code is a set of ideas about how to behave. This is not a new thing. Every branch of the military has their own code along with many companies, schools, and teams. These written codes help guide each individual to make decisions that align with the community they are a part of.


For Timbers we are keeping it simple with three main behaviors:


Are you ready to learn the Timbers Code?

We are Likeable.

We are Flexible.

We are Trustable.


Let’s explain the definition to each of these really quick.


We are Likeable

* We choose to develop our emotional and physical behavior in ways that will create positive attitudes in other people.


We are Flexible

  • We choose to adjust and adapt to whatever challenges we might face.


We are Trustable

  • We chose to trust each other over being suspicious of each other.