Our Dream

Our Dream for Timbers Church is to be obedient and multiply! When we first hear obedient, typically, our soul doesn’t respond with a sense of excitement. However, we believe it strategically places us to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Jesus builds the church (Matthew 16:18), so when we walk in obedience with what He is doing, then we experience a life more satisfying than anything else ever could. Our desire is to be a safe place for imperfect people to experience God’s grace and mercy, while on the journey of walking out a faith filled, obedient life. (Matthew 28:20 NIV)


Our Dream for multiplication is to see healthy individuals replicating themselves. We love seeing the church equip others to continue the work of the ministry – which is so much bigger than the functions inside the church! There is so much joy and reward found in mentorship, discipleship, releasing, and sending people! Most think of babies when multiplication is mentioned – while we love babies and growing the church that way – we believe that healthy, fruitful things multiply (John 15:4 – 5 NIV)… a healthy tree will continue to grow branches and will drop seeds to plant more trees. This is our hearts’ desire for Timbers Church. 


We want to see the church thriving – multiplying, all while being obedient to His commands and the vision He has placed in our heart for Timbers Church.